Enjoying the View

Some of the best views are only found after walking up the steepest hills. I think that’s true in writing as well as hiking. A writer looks at a blank page and builds an entire world populated with (what we hope are) interesting characters, step-by-step, just as a hiker walks toward the summit for the best view.

It takes focus and dedication to keep writing through the dark forest of the imagination, when the path ahead is not marked. Every writer also knows the frustration of a dead-end trail and starting over with a big edit.

Some writers even stop mid-way on the trail, staying so long that they build a house and permanent settlement on the road to the novel or memoir, or other creative project. It can be scary to keep walking through the forest, especially when the trail appears to wind along infinitely. Only the writer decides when the summit has been reached.

Sometimes we get lost in the editing process trying to make the work ‘perfect,’ and even when we decide the project is finished, it’s easy to forget to enjoy the view. I hope whatever project you are working toward that you stay with it until you reach the summit, and most importantly, when you arrive that you enjoy the view and celebrate the achievement.