The Journey

As we all know, butterflies start their lives out as unassuming caterpillars. As caterpillars, they cruise around all day and do their thing the best that they know how. Most of their cool caterpillar work goes unnoticed until they transform into butterflies and attention rolls their way.

The famous writers of today were once the unknowns. The ‘overnight successes’ we hear about today have actually been working steadily for years unnoticed in wider circles. Their wonderful successes help us all learn that anything is possible if we focus on consistency and doing our very best.

Who knows? Maybe someday this little blog will float like a butterfly and attract the interest of many more lovely people. In the mean time, I’ll continue to send positive vibes out there to my fellow writers and artists for their success while I also work steadily on my own projects and travel.

Wherever you are in your artistic journey, I hope that you don’t lose heart and that you continue to follow your dreams and inspiration.

I stumbled across the path of this lovely butterfly on a last minute, late summer trip to a national park. I hope it brings a little joy and inspiration into your day.