The Writers Group

Joining a writer’s group can feel a little intimidating at first, stepping into a room of strangers and providing them with some pages from a work in progress. Despite the nerves, I think that it is a worthwhile experience.

When my writer’s group meets up, we sit around a big table and discuss a genre or things like how to best use dialogue, then we share and critique any work submitted by anyone in the group for the session, and we end each session with a writing exercise.

Each of us write in different genres with different styles and I really enjoy that element because it challenges me to think about other writing styles like using different points of view or seeing how other writers handle character development.

A writer’s group also provides writers with a safe place to test out new material with several constructive readers who provide valuable feedback. Constructive feedback is very possibly the most valuable gift a writer can receive when working on project. Sure, your family and friends can review something, but they will most likely hold back on more critical comments.

The group also provides inspiration, to see how others are working hard to improve their skills and refine their story ideas. It’s inspiring to see fellow writers struggling with similar challenges yet determined to succeed and share their unique voice with the world via an entertaining story, novel, or screenplay.

Most importantly, a writer’s group provides a sense of community, where you can celebrate success and where you also know that you can share a work in progress that might be a little rough around the edges.

Wherever you are in your artistic endeavors, I hope that you find a community of gentle and honest readers to establish your own supportive writing community. Writing itself is pretty much a solitary venture, so it’s worth the time to find a group and help others while also challenging yourself to advance your skills. Keep going, fellow writers and artists! 🙂

A special thanks to those in my own writing group – after each meeting I always enjoy a burst of inspiration and renewed dedication to my own writing projects.