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Cape Disappointment Coast photo by Julie Manthey

Several years ago, I stood at this very spot after a short hike up to the Cape Disappointment lighthouse. Standing here and looking out the beautiful view inspired me to write ‘The Magic of Cape Disappointment.‘ I’m sure many visitors to the area can share that sentiment.

Cape Disappointment

Cape Disappointment (yes, that is the real name) was named in the late 1700s by a British sea captain. When Lewis and Clark arrived there a few decades later, they looked out onto the Pacific Ocean from Cape Disappointment.

Although “Cape D” is only a few hours drive from either Seattle or Portland, it still feels a world away. Small fishing villages dot the map and the roads all follow or lead to the Pacific Ocean beaches. Lewis and Clark historic sites abound from the Dismal Nitch to Fort Clatsop and the Lewis and Clark interpretive center in Cape Disappointment State Park.

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

The state park has not one, but two, lighthouses (Cape Disappointment Lighthouse and North Head Lighthouse). At the camping spots along the beach, you can fall asleep listening the ocean waves roll along. On my first camping trip to “Cape D,” the idea for my latest novel took hold. Since then, I’ve visited the area several times – each time returning to my favorite coffee shops, museums, and restaurants.

I hope that you get the chance to visit this lovely area and to imagine being able to see the setting for ‘The Magic of Cape Disappointment.’ In the novel, this location of the lookout by the Cape Disappointment lighthouse plays a key role in the novel’s events. Hopefully even from this picture alone you can get a little sense of the location’s magic. 🙂 Lighthouses also serve as excellent metaphors. They light the way through the darkness and give us hope. 

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