Changing Perspective

Writers talk a lot about point of view and for good reason. How each character sees and understands the world is what makes them genuine and unique compared to other characters. Several characters could experience the same event, like attending a cherry blossom festival in spring, yet only one of them noticed this view of the sky.

Perhaps the other characters focus on the crowd, another on their uncomfortable shoes, and yet another on a remark from someone else in the group. Sometimes scenes can read rather flat, until the author changes perspective and finds a unique twist for the characters in terms of perspective.

This photo is one that I took recently after being a little overwhelmed at a cherry blossom festival, sandwiched into the mob of tourists and locals out to see the trees and their splendor. Whenever I travel to places like this or deep, green forests, I always end up with at least one photo looking up.

The wonder of this perspective is how timeless it is, and with cherry blossoms, how fleeting. The blooms will only be around for a very short time before they shake off their pink flowers to transform again. Yet, this image could be seen by almost anyone who catches a blue sky day and looks up while the trees are in bloom.

In both writing and travel, perspective changes everything. We could walk away from any experience or chapter, focused only on the flaws or complexity. But, if we are really lucky, the genuine moment is what we take with us. The magic of the shades of pink, floating in a clear sea of blue sky.

Wherever April takes you, I hope you have the opportunity to find a little magic in the April showers, frogs singing at night, or the pink cherry blossom flowers floating gently toward the green grass. Happy spring, everyone. Here comes the sun!