Here’s to Autumn!

path surrounded by trees and falling leaves in autumn

When I was a kid growing up in the Northwest, October meant the start of ski season, and Halloween was mostly secondary to that. Halloween often involved wearing snow suits under plastic costumes and sliding down hills like human tobaggans. When we slipped on ice, our candy trailed behind.

It wasn’t until I moved away that I experienced “real” autumn, like they showed on TV, with golden trees, crisp air, and leaves all over the sidewalk. Not a spec of snow expected, and everyone talking about pumpkin spice instead of the latest ski gear.

Decades later, I still think about snow in October, as the weather starts to chill. And, to this day, anytime I think about a Halloween costume, I weigh its thermal properties.

This autumn, as I watch the leaves change color outside my window, I try not to think about all the many adjustments we’ve made to our lives in this year of unfolding “unprecedented” times in 2020. Instead, I try to focus on simply enjoying the season, and taking extra time on my routine walks around my neighborhood to notice the leaves changing color.

I’ve also taken advantage of all the pumpkin reminders and stocked up the pantry with cans of pumpkin. I’ve already baked a pumpkin pie, or two.

During this autumn, I wish for you, and the world, a calm and cozy peace to enjoy crisp air while warmed by a soft sweater and hot cup of cider. Take the time to enjoy the beauty of the falling leaves (or, if you are really lucky, the start of ski season). 🙂

I highly recommend baking a pumpkin pie, for absolutely no good reason. Take care of yourselves and others, please keep wearing those masks and find joy wherever you can. I also always recommend escaping into a good book with a happy ending, to help lift spirits. Hang in there!